Helping North Florida Businesses Draft Sound Contracts

The strength of a business resides in many things, not the least of which the quality of the contracts it enters into. From developing employment contracts to negotiating a strategic alliance, you want to ensure the decisions you put in writing are sound, clear and enforceable. Fuller & Associates, Attorneys at Law, assists commercial clients seeking to do business in Orange Park, Fleming Island and throughout northeast Florida. We bring more than 30 years of experience handling a variety of contracts, experience that we bring to each negotiating table.

Extensive Experience To Protect Your Business's Interests

Attorney Barry Fuller has both the education and practical experience needed to help businesses negotiate solid agreements, having graduated in the top 2 percent of business administration graduates from the University of Florida. In his career, he has helped numerous companies with the negotiation and review of contracts of all kinds, including:

  • Partnership agreements
  • Shareholder contracts
  • Strategic alliances and joint ventures
  • Employment contracts
  • Financing and loan agreements
  • General contracts involving project requirements and output

One of the best ways to avoid miscommunication — and thereby the chance of litigation down the road — is to ensure your contracts clearly define each party's responsibilities. We take care that every detail has been carefully considered and the ramifications thoroughly explored. And while our aim is to prevent the possibility of dispute here at the outset of negotiations, we are fully prepared to protect your interests in the event a breach of contract or other dispute arises in the future.

We Seek To Protect Your Interests Now And Into The Future

We will take care that the decisions you finalize today will stand up to scrutiny and ultimately protect your bottom line well into the future. Contact our firm at 904-637-1129 to schedule a consultation with our lawyer to discuss your specific contract needs.