Protecting Your Real Estate Investment

Any transaction involving real property, that is, property such as a home, commercial business or a piece of land, signifies an investment of time and financial capital. Whether you are buying your first home, selling property or seeking a commercial tenant for your local office building or shopping center, you want a lawyer who will take the appropriate measures to protect that investment.

At Fuller & Associates, Attorneys at Law, we offer 30 years of real estate experience to help you achieve your goals when it comes to residential or commercial property transactions. Whether you as a real estate agent seek a dependable closing attorney or you wish to put your house or commercial property on the market, we can assist you with every facet of the transaction, providing step-by-step guidance.

We are committed to efficiency and diligence in our real estate practice, keeping you informed and up to date to ensure a smooth and secure transaction.

Why You Can Rely On Our Experience

Over the course of his 30-plus year career, Barry Fuller has served in several roles within the local and national real estate scene. In addition to assisting clients with their real property concerns, he has:

  • Served as General Counsel for the Clay County Association of Realtors, Inc., for over a decade, and was voted the Realtor-Affiliate of the Year on two occasions
  • Written well over 100 articles on real estate laws and practice for newspapers and other sources
  • Served as one of the legal advisers during the creation of arguably the best loan closing software program used in the United States
  • Developed several real estate loan closing forms which have since been adopted by local and national lenders
  • Contributed language to the real estate purchase-and-sale agreements in general use in northeastern Florida
  • Served as general counsel to local builders and lenders
  • Kept up with the latest trends in the real estate market in northeastern Florida

As you can see, our firm's involvement in the practice of real estate goes beyond the basics. There is a reason our clients return to us for all of their needs. Many have turned to us for help during perhaps one of the biggest moments of their lives, and have recommended our services to friends, co-workers and family members. We have confidence that our representation will serve you well.

Discuss Your Real Property Needs With Our Attorney

Whatever your legal needs when it comes to residential or commercial property, Fuller & Associates is ready to help. Contact our office in Orange Park, Florida, at 904-637-1129 to schedule a consultation during normal business hours. We also offer appointments in the evening and on the weekends as needed.