Effectively Navigating Estate Disputes

The process of settling and administering an estate after the death of a loved one can be hard enough. When disagreements or miscommunication occurs, the process can become much more difficult, both emotionally and logistically. Nevertheless, such disputes are not always without merit, and engaging the services of a skilled lawyer can help ensure your rights and interests are preserved.

Whether you have come under attack from unsatisfied beneficiaries, or you feel you have been cheated out of an inheritance, Fuller & Associates, Attorneys at Law, can help. Where we can, we seek to resolve will contests and trust disputes through amicable means, meaning all parties can sit down to negotiate an acceptable compromise. When that is not possible, we offer vigorous representation at trial to protect your interests in the estate.

What Is A Will Contest?

A will contest typically occurs when there are questions about the validity of the will. Perhaps it was suspiciously changed prior to the death to favor one adult child or caregiver over other beneficiaries. Perhaps the will or a codicil (amendment to a will) does not contain the proper legal language and form, meaning that the conditions within it cannot be acted upon. Will contests are one of the most common challenges in estate administration.

Other Types Of Estate Litigation

In addition to will contests, we handle all manner of challenges made against personal representatives, trustees and beneficiaries such as:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty, or mishandling the assets during administration
  • Undue influence claims, whereby a person is charged with unfairly coercing the deceased to change the will or trust assets in their favor prior to death
  • Charges of fraud or misconduct with regard to estate or trust assets

Estate Representation Focused On Clarity And Efficiency

Whatever the matter at issue, it takes a skilled lawyer to sort through the differing narratives and separate fact from fiction. Will and trust contests can quickly invoke extreme emotional responses, so you want someone you can trust who can offer a clear-headed analysis of the facts according to the law. This is what our firm will do. After reviewing the facts and listening to your specific concerns, we will formulate a strategic plan for how to proceed. If that means taking the matter to court to protect your interests, you can rely on our 30-plus years of experience to see the matter through as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

We invite you to discuss your specific case in a confidential consultation by calling our office in Orange Park at 904-637-1129. You may also send us an email if you prefer. We offer appointments during normal business hours, in the evenings and on the weekends as needed.